Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa For United States America


  • We deal in US visitor visa below mentioned categories
  • B1 – Business purposes visiting to attend conferences, training or any other kind of business dealing.
  • B2 – Visiting purpose could be pleasure, tourism, meeting family member, medical or any other valid reason justified to convince USCIS.

USA visitor visa fees – Business/Tourist fees is USD 160 per applicant.

Visitor Visa For United Kingdom


  • We deal in UK visitor visa General Visitor Visa and/or Family Visitor Visa.
  • Purpose of travel to United Kingdom could be a leisure or tourism or meeting a family member or any other accepted genuine reason to travel to UK.

Note – Generally Visitor visa is issued for 3 or 6 months duration. You can also apply for long term visit visa of 1, 2, 5 or 10 years if you can prove that you will have to travel frequently or number of times in a specified duration.

UK visitor visa fees – Single or multiple entries up to six months fess will be Rs 8715, long term entry up to 2 yrs will be Rs 31500, long term entry up to 5 years will be Rs 57120 and Long term entry up to 10 years will be Rs 77385.

USA visitor visa fees – Business/Tourist fees is USD 160 per applicant.

Visitor Visa For New Zealand


  • We deal in New Zealand Visitor visa that could be meeting family member leisure or studying a short program of not more than three months.
  • On receipt of NZ Visitor visa you will be allowed to stay in New Zealand for nine months only.

New Zealand visitor visa fees – Visitor visa INR 6800 & Transit visa 5800 along with service charges fee of INR 880.

Visitor Visa For Canada


  • We deal in Canada Visitor visa that would be meeting family member or friends.
  • We deal in Canadian multiple entries super visas for Parents and Grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents, which are valid up to 10 years. This visa allows you to visit your family in Canada for up to two without renewing your status.

We also deal in Canadian Visitor visas intending to travel for business purposes to attend conferences, trainings or any kind of business related visit to deal with Canadian companies.

Canada visitor visa fees – Single or multiple entry visa fees is CAN$ 100, transit visa for less than 2 days will be at no cost and maximum fees for the family will be CAN$ 500.

In case you need an extension you must apply 30 days prior to your visa expiry date.

Visitor Visa For Schengen


  • Visitor visa for Schengen countries is valid up to 90 days wherein you have no restrictions to travel within 26 European countries.
  • Business, tourist visit to family or friend, guest scientist, visiting scholar, nuclear scientist, attending fair or exhibition, transit visit or medical treatment could be one of the purpose to visit Schengen visitor visa.

Visa fees for Schengen visitor visa is Rs 4500.

Visitor Visa For Australia


  • We deal in Australian visitor visa below mentioned categories.
  • You can visit Australia for holidays, tourism, leisure, or to meet family member or friends in Australia.
  • Duration of Australian visitor visa could be 3 or 6 or 12 months and in case of extension, you must apply before it gets expired.

Australian visitor visa fees for tourist or business purposes are A$ 130 – INR 8000.

Visitor Visa For Ireland


  • The purpose of your visit to Ireland could be to meet family or friend of Irish citizen, tourism for up to 3 months.
  • Ireland visitor visa fees – Single journey €60.00, multiple journey €100.00, transit €25.00.
  • For more information you are most welcome to visit our office with prior appointment.