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MauritiusMauritius, the officially Republic of Mauritius is a hilly island in the Indian ocean off the southeast shore of African continent and east of the Madagascar. Port Louis is the capital city and 2040 km2 is the total land area of Mauritius and is 180th largest size in the world.

The politics of Mauritius is structured as a parliamentary representative democratic republic where complete authority is divided in the hands of President and the Prime Minister.

There isn’t any official language of Mauritius. Most common language used in the Assembly is English however it may be addressed in French as well. English and French are the official languages of the National Assembly [Parliament] of Mauritius.

In 2005, Mauritius government declared free transport for students, the disabled and senior citizens. You have to travel by road only. Mauritius doesn’t have railway transportation however a light rail system is in process to overcome road traffic from Curepipe and Port Louis. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Internaitonal Airport is the main airport and popular air line is Air Mauritius.

Mauritius is been rewarded third time as World leading Island Destination award & World’s Best Beach in January 2012 for World Travel Award.

Horse racing is national sport of Mauritius. Football and volleyball are also well popular sports in the country. Swimming, sailing, scuba diving and water skiing are popular water sports of the country. Mauritius won its first Olympic medal, Boxer Bruno Julie won bronze medal in 2008.

Weather IconMauritius enjoys a mild tropical maritime climate throughout the year.

The country has two seasons: a warm humid summer extending from November to April and a relatively cool dry winter from June to September. The month of October and May are commonly known as the transition months. Mean summer temperature is 24.7 degrees Celsius and mean winter temperature is 20.4 degrees Celsius. The temperature difference between the seasons is only 4.3 degrees Celsius.

The warmest months are January and February with average day maximum temperature reaching 29.2 degrees Celsius and the coolest months are July and August when average night minimum temperatures drops down to 16.4 degrees Celsius.

The Island receives 6.5 to above 8 hours of bright sunshine daily. In summer months around 6.0 hours of bright sunshine are received over the high grounds, whereas the coastal regions are exposed to 7.5 to over 8.0 hours of bright sunshine. In winter months, the Central Plateau receives around 5.0 hours of bright sunshine whereas the coast receives above 7.5 hours of bright sunshine.

Untitled-2Mauritius As Study Destination – After the country became independent in 1968, education became one of the main preoccupations of the Mauritian Government to meet the new challenges awaiting the country. Considerable investment of resources, both human and material, has been put into the Education sector and impressive progress has been achieved in terms of free, universal, compulsory primary education, free textbooks, free secondary education and a fairly wide range of higher education courses at the University of Mauritius.

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