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study-in-itlyItaly, officially the Italian Republic situated in southern Europe. It consists of boot-shaped Italian Peninsula along with number of islands out of which Sicily & Sardinia are the two largest islands. Italy has seashore on the boundaries of Adriatic, Ionian & Tyrrhenian seas. France, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland are its neighboring countries.

Italy is a unitary parliamentary republic country with Rome as largest and capital city of the country. Its population would be around 59.7 million people and has largely temperate climate. Italy is the fifth heavily populated nation of Europe. County’s economy stands third in the Euro zone, fourth largest in the European Union and ninth in the world.

Italy has 30 main airports out of which Malpensa international in Milan & Leonardo da Vinci international are two international airports of the country. Country’s transport sectors are national road network, motorways, waterways and airports.

Italian is the official language of the country and is Italian is also known as second or cultural language worldwide. Italians follow Roman Catholicism as their religion. The PO is the Italy’s longest river. Italy has 14 volcanoes out of which four are active. Italy has five lakes out of which one is shared with Switzerland.

Football is the national sport of the country. Volleyball, basketball, rugby, motorsports, skiing and winter Olympic Games are most popular sports in Italy.

Ice hockey and football are the two most common played sports in the country. Tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball, track and field athletics and floorball games are also popular within the country.

Czech Republic is a developed nation and it is also known as 11th most peaceful country. It possesses a high income economy with a per capita GDP rate of 84% within the European Union average. Country became the member of World Trade organization on 1st January 1995 and On 1st May 2004 Czech Republic became the member of Schengen area.

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