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study-in-australiaGermany, officially the “Federal Republic of Germany” consists of 16 states and Berlin is the capital city. German in is also known as Deutschland is heavily populated member of the European Union. Germany is the major economic and political power of the European continent and a significant leader in loads of theoretical and technological skills.

Germany stands fourth largest economy in the world according to nominal GDP and fifth largest by purchasing power equivalence. Being significant leader, it is the second largest exporter and the third biggest importer of goods in many industrial and technological sectors. Germany has been the home of many influential philosophers, music composers, scientists and inventors.

Germany is located in the western and central Europe and it is seventh largest country by area in Europe and 62nd largest in the world. Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France and Luxembourg are its neighboring countries. It is also known as transport hub of Europe, which is reflected in its dense and modern transport system. The German motorway system ranks world’s third largest in length, established as a polycentric system of high speed trains.

German is the official and the prime language in Germany. The European Union’s one of the 23 official languages and stands in first three working languages of the European Commission.

Weather IconGermany ‘s climate is almost as varied as its country but it is mostly temperate. Extreme temperature lows and highs are rare. Winter temperatures vary from west to east, with around freezing temperatures in the west and well below freezing in the east of Germany. Summer temperatures are typically between 20°C and 30°C, with more rainfall during the summer months.

Frequent changes of weather make forecasting difficult. To be on the safe side, be sure to bring a sweater and wet weather clothing with you.

Central and Southern Hills – Apart from the coastal regions, the Northern regions and Southern Bavaria, Germany’s climate is relatively constant. From Leipzig and Dresden to Stuttgart the summers are warm with frequent rain-showers. Winters are generally cold. The amount of snowfall and average temperatures are generally influenced by altitude rather than by various climatic regions.

The weather is continental in the sense that it varies from year to year, meaning a chilly spring and rainy summers one year can be followed by spectacularly warm and sunny the next year.
The areas around the Rhine are blessed with a particularly pleasant climate which allows for the successful cultivation of grapevines. Close to the German border with Switzerland, in the region of Freiburg im Breisgau, temperatures are generally warm enough for tobacco to grow successfully

Untitled-2Germany study Destination – Germany is proud of its longstanding academic tradition. It offers a choice among 351 institutes of higher learning, 116 of them being traditional universities. The unique mix of tradition and modern technologies, scientific research and pedagogic experience attract faculty staff and students from all over the world. The institutes are open to everyone as academic freedom is a basic principle of Germany’s educational framework. However, certain requirements need to be fulfilled prior to enrolment.

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Yes, all the student who wish to enroll in Australian university for higher education have to prove their language ability either by appearing for IELTS/TOEFL or PTE exam in academic module.

Not necessarily, language of instruction in German universities could be only in German language, fully taught in English language or partially in German and English. That’s your choice to choose the medium of instruction while you select the program in German University.

Yes, International student will be allowed to work 20 hours part time weekly while they are studying.

Yes, our expert team member will help you to analyze whether you are eligible for scholarships in German universities based on your academic track record.

You will be advised on documents checklist required for student visa in Germany by an assigned expert team member.